Top Rated Criminal Lawyer in New Orleans

In the event that you have been arrested by a police officer and the judge believes there is probable cause that you have committed a crime, contact a New Orleans criminal lawyer immediately. This type of lawyer specializes in the defense of companies or individuals that have been charged with criminal conduct. This attorney will advise you throughout the process.

You may retain a private lawyer or in the event that you do not have the money to pay for an attorney to represent your interests, the court will appoint a public defender to guarantee that you have representation and a fair trial. A criminal defense attorney will definitely assist you to have a more complete understanding of the legal process. Part of his responsibility is to explain to you, the defendant, the charges that have been filed against you. He will recommend the proposed defense action and recommend pleas bargain offers if appropriate.

Your competent defense attorney will strengthen your position and if possible get the court to dismiss the charges. You want an attorney that will be aggressive and invalidate the prosecution’s arguments. The more complicated your case, the attorney will require higher compensation. The term “innocent until proven guilty” is not the reality.

When facing criminal charges, competent criminal defense attorney may be all that stands between a conviction and freedom. This also applies if you are looking for a DWI attorney in New Orleans. Many criminal lawyers are also DWI attorneys and can help you so you can defend yourself in a DWI situation.